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About Residence Halls

Študentski dom v Ljubljani was founded on 22 June 1952. Predecessors of the Institute had a number of different titles which changed a number of times throughout the years, depending on the activities they carried out or combined. At the request of the government Council for education and culture the Government of PRS issued a decision on declaration of the student campus in Rožna dolina in Ljubljana a budgetary institution with independent funding. Its task was to enable accommodation and uninterrupted studies to regular university students at faculties, academies and higher education institutions which do not have permanent residence in Ljubljana, while the campus can also offer them food and cultural services. Management bodies were the building manager and the management board which already included student representatives back then.



Študentski dom Ljubljana
Svetčeva ulica 9
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 1 242 1000

Reception office (all information for students)
Svetčeva ulica 9
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 1 242 1020

Office for student dormitories (admissions, extension of residence)
Svetčeva ulica 9/Dom VI,
Poštni predal 99,
1001 Ljubljana
Tel: +386 1 530 6027
Tel: +386 1 530 6028