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Renovation of the restaurant and bar

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Project of renovation of the restaurant and bar in the student campus in Rožna Dolina in Ljubljana 

If a young person can discover his talent, it is the first step to build a career, but he really seizes the opportunity when he puts the talent to good use. For himself and for others.

We encourage students who reside in our student dormitories to express their abilities and to start developing their careers already during their studies. Študentski dom Ljubljana helps them with this and gives them opportunities.

This time they tried their hand at interior decoration. They showed their talents, got a new reference and made the experience more enjoyable for the visitors of the student restaurant and bar on the student campus in Rožna dolina in Ljubljana. The space became beautiful, natural, comfortable and pleasant.

Name of the project

Cesta 27. aprila 27, Ljubljana

Project number


Duration of the project
Field and type of project

Maj- december 2013

Persons in charge of the project and participants


  • Mateja Kolarič, student of architecture
  • Kaja Vidovič
  • Sergej Nejc Gorišek
  • Sergej Vujanovič
  • Larisa Faganel, student of landscaping
  • Urška Valenčič

Course of the project - tendering

The tendering committee consisting of: assist. Rok Žnidaršič, Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture, Chairman, Mirko Brnič Jager, Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture, Deputy Chairman, Mojca Škrinjar, Assistant Director, member, Igor Brlek, Head of the student affairs sector, member and Aljaž Čibej, student, member, on 10 May 2013 based on the open public student TENDER FOR RENOVATION OF STUDENT RESTAURANT AND BAR, ROŽNA DOLINA,  ŠTUDENTSKI DOM LJUBLJANA evaluated three tender studies which were submitted correctly and within the prescribed deadline. The following awards were given (alls stated amounts are in their gross value):

Two reduced first prizes, gross EUR 850.00 each were awarded to authors of study no. 02: Mateja Kolarič, Kaja Vidovič, Sergej Nejc Gorišek, Sergej Vujanovič and study no. 03 Larisa Faganel and Urška Valenčič. The third prize in the amount of gross EUR 300.00 was awarded to authors for study no. 01 Nina Pleško, Jana Zajc and Ognjen Marinković.

The tender  committee grounded its decision with the opinion that the tender solution of the second study comprehensively deals with all the required content sections. It expressed the opinion that it especially successfully tackled the architectural part of the task which with thoroughly considered interventions connecting the existing elements of the restaurant with new ones. The study is therefore distinguished by design approach which maintains dignity of the existing architecture and makes a connection with the present. The prize-winners connect the elements such as furniture from recycled material and a lot of greenery in different forms, the living environment of the young academic sphere, which Menza in Rožna dolina is supposed to be, with current questions of the society. The tender committee evaluated that the study also sensible deals with closed ambient sections in a manner which leaves the space as open and airy as possible and thus expresses the dimension of the institution it belongs to.

The question of graphic design is also very successfully solved, however, it is the prevailing opinion of the committee that the proposed name is not persuasive enough.

The committee unanimously decided to grant the authors a reduced first prize and their study should serve as the basis for continuation of the project. The committee emphasized the necessity of further planning where special attention should be paid to providing comprehensiveness in all elements with respect of the acknowledged quality main ideas which were presented. Mandatory direction in accordance with the decision of the committee is that during this phase the ramp is not prolonged (finance) and that the enclosure of the terrace is carried out in accordance with the proposal of the third prize winning solution in form of a foldable awning, fixed above the existing AB construction of the corner portal. As is stated in the project conditions of ZVKDS OE Ljubljana an appropriate consent was required to the project in order it could be carried out.

The committee recognized the strong suits of the third study and believed that the tender solution was especially convincing in term of name selection and its design execution. It was the unanimous opinion of the committee that this name expresses content change of the existing restaurant offer and general character of the building that the client wanted to emphasize the most. The open design of air expresses a sort of ambiguity, non-exclusiveness which is typical of the research environment and the essence of the academic audience to which it is supposed to serve. Its stratification is youthful and optimistic.

The committee believed that the architectural part of the task was not as convincing precisely due to “a sort of fragmentation, heterogeneity in the approach”. It was the opinion of the committee that such concept may become unreadable, especially in relation to the existing architecture.

The committee therefore proposed that the authors are awarded a reduced first place award for the name proposal and its graphic design with the proposal that they form a working group for the renovation of the student canteen with authors of study no. 02. As a mandatory guideline the committee adopted a decision that the recognized name Menza is retained in accordance with the proposal of the third awarded solution, so that the name Rožna kuh'na is supplemented with Rožna kuh'na v Menzi. 

As far as the first study went the committee believed that it significantly deviates from other competitive proposals. The concept starting point of paintings on the walls is interesting, however, the connection with pop-art does not allow cohabitation with the architectural logic of a building of historic significance, regardless of the fact that they belong to the same period (or precisely because of that). The committee believes that the proposal that the existing name Menza is kept and emphasized is interesting, as the name became synonymous with the building or represents a specific place in the city which far exceeds just the restaurant. The plan to roof the terrace with a foldable awning is also a good solution which manages to retain the original image of the building in the most comprehensive manner and is also the most economic solution. The committee found some qualities in the first study and thus awarded it third prize.

Course of the project - implementation

After the tender has finished and prizes were given out ŠDL prepared the implementation plan. The deadline for finishing the restaurant and beginning of its operation was after its closing during summer months.

With limited financial assets and based on principles of sustainability we took into consideration the proposal of the architects to use all existing furniture,- tables and chairs and reduce their number, because we assessed that a smaller number of tables and chairs suffices even when there is the most guests in the restaurant. This gave a feeling of spaciousness.

We followed the proposal of the architects to pay attention to forms and colours which were the centrepiece of the building and space in the original design of engineer Ivan Štrukelj which designed the entire building. The black colour of nicely formed pillars and fittings became more prominent when we removed white coat hangers as well as removed curtains from the windows. Open windows enabled the light to penetrate the room and present a beautiful view of the miniature birch tree on the terrace.

The restaurant and bar were cleaned and painted in colour – green and white which were selected by the head of architects Mrs. Mateja Kolarič.  The chair frames were also cleaned and painted black, while the centres of the chairs were upholstered anew in grey, we removed colourful table cloths from the tables and coated the brown table tops with a light green colour. Two walls were also painted the same shade of green. We painted the sliding door that lead to the small dining room, bar and kitchen area black.

The restaurant got a new LCD screen with the possibility to use it as TV or to display menus or news on it, and it also got a salad bar. An internet nook with a self-service printing unit and the option to work on a computer emerged in the corner next to the entrance. Four new big black chandeliers above the tables and the white wall and a dynamic arrangement of tables give the impression of nooks, while smaller tables offer guests comfort. There is wireless internet in the restaurant and the bar.

The team lead by Larisa Faganel designed the arrangement of plants. The colours of green plants and white and yellow orchids placed on white shelves along the white wall go very well with the space and give a person the feeling of being in the nature. Two palm trees along the wall where the LCD screen is located soften the strict lines and the technical message of the technology. The colour of the ornamental pots is graphite grey, their sizes depend on the plants. The coat hangers are painted black and moved to the corners and against black walls, especially by the entrance.

We covered the unpleasant view of trays with leftovers of food with two folding screens which we painted black and to which notices and advertisements can be hanged.

We filled the space in front of the TV with bean bags in the same green colour as the table tops and two walls as well as with black coffee tables.

We finished the bar in November. We painted the bar counter black and hung three chandeliers above it which are the same as those in the restaurant except smaller. We hung the green power cables in form of a rich arch from the counter to the wall. We removed the obsolete wood comb above the bar area and we place two big mirrors on the walls behind the bar and glass shelves for bottles and glasses. We painted the wall above the mirror graphite grey and put black bookshelves on it. The bar also has a small LCD player. The picture on the largest white wall should remind of graphite and bring an interesting dynamic into the room.

The team under leadership of Larisa Faganel also designed the logo for the restaurant and bar which matches the colours used in the architecture of the building and connects the environment of Rožnik and its greenery with the student campus.

Logos for the restaurant and bar