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Welcome to ŠDL

We are glad that you have become part of the community of students from all parts of Slovenia and abroad, which has been co-creating the story of ŠDL for many years. We are certainly aware of how important and unique the period in the future for you is, which is why at ŠDL we strive to provide high-quality living conditions for all residents. ŠDL enables accommodation at subsidized accommodation prices in dormitories at various locations in Ljubljana near higher education institutions (Rožna dolina, Mestni log, Centre, Bežigrad, and Šiška). Accommodation in ŠDL does not only mean living:residents can use their free time to socialize in the social areas, on the grounds for social sports, in the gym and on the outdoor training grounds. During the year, ŠDL also has a variety of events in the field of culture, while the restaurant Rožna kuh'na provides food and offers interesting and healthy meals at subsidized prices.

Part of a quality stay is definitely respect for roommates and complying with House Rules, which describe all the relationships, rights and obligations of residents, so we kindly invite you to read it.

In addition to the House Rules, the institution also has non-written 'golden' rules of residence: If you open it - close it. If you unlock it - lock it. If you turn it on - turn it off. If it is not yours – do not touch it. If you break it - fix it. If you do not know how - call a caretaker. If you borrow it - return it. If you make a mess - clean up after yourself. If you make something dirty - clean up after yourself. If it does not concern you, leave it alone. If something goes wrong — talk to someone. If you offend someone — apologize. If you are sad — you should know that tomorrow is going to be a new day. If you are happy — share the joy with others. Do not forget that you are equal among equals and do not forget that you came to Ljubljana to study.

For any questions regarding the stay, you can contact the representative of the dormitory in which you live or the Reception Office during office hours.

We wish you a pleasant stay in ŠDL.

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