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Guided exercises for residents

Group guided workouts are ideal for those who usually lack motivation to exercise. Research has confirmed that group trainings have a great advantage over individual exercise in terms of motivation and consistency, as the psychological impact of the group is extremely powerful. In addition, group training establishes connections among trainees and thus increases the consistency indirectly, too. According to some researches, even those who have no problems with motivation are able to squeeze 24 percent more out of themselves in a group compared to individual practice.

In addition to the health impact, the relaxation aspect needs to be emphasised. In the fast pace of living, exercising is extremely important as a counterbalance to stress.

Various guided trainings are performed at ŠDL, offering ideal sports relaxation for everyone.

Trainings are guided by professionals. The purpose of such trainings and sports events is to improve the quality of life of our students, which is why we strive to offer them at very affordable prices.

The price of training in the case of monthly registration is EUR 2.50 per training unit and EUR 3.00 in the case of an individual term. The training fee is charged with the monthly payment bill for the stay.

Please register for an individual training unit via  MojŠtudent application.

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