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The stereotypical description of a gym in the previous decade was that it is an exercise space where there are only weights and where it is possible to find only musculature men.

This stereotype has been overcome for quite some time now, as gym is by no means just weights and it is by no means intended only for those who want a mountain of muscle. The word 'fitness' comes from the English word 'being fit', which means to be healthy, strong, resilient, capable. The modern trend is focused on the holistic treatment of the body, its functionality and health. At ŠDL, professional trends are followed, which is why we insist on a constant updating and equipping of our premises. Thus, our gyms are suitable for all who want only recreation, but also for those who want to improve any of the motor skills (endurance, strength, coordination, mobility, etc.). So, in our gyms, in addition to weights and weight trainers, it is also possible to find functional corners, aerobic trainers (bicycles, ellipticals, air bike tracks, etc.), elastics, heavy balls, coordination ladders, etc.

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