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Mission and Vision

The mission of the Institute is to perform the task of the state to provide students who meet the conditions, as defined in the Rules on Subsidized Student Accommodation, with accommodation, meals and activities of interest, thus enabling them to study. The Institute's rights are exercised and supervised by the ministry responsible for higher education. For that purpose, the state has adopted Rules on Subsidizing Student Accommodation and Student Food Subsidy Act. The long-term goal of the Institute is to implement this mission, i.e. healthy and satisfying living conditions for students and other users.

In accordance with the above, the Institute pursues a policy of providing optimal living and working study conditions for students studying at the University of Ljubljana or other higher education institutions. Accommodation is subsidized in residential premises with reasonable prices, considering the set census. Affordable meals, offered by the Institute’s restaurant with the help of state subsidies, ensure that students receive one warm subsidized meal per day during the academic year, except in summer.

In addition, the Institute also provides for appropriate working/study conditions for postgraduate students, researchers, as well as for the appropriate stay of visiting university professors and professional associates from Slovenia and abroad.

The Institute strives to develop the quality of services and living conditions to enable a healthy, pleasant and safe stay in an aesthetically and functionally suitable space that promotes intellectual creativity and appropriate study conditions.

The Institute includes all interested parties, students, researchers, professors, the university and employees in the development planning process and cooperates with both the local community and the founder in order to prepare appropriate development documents and their monitoring to meet the needs of the system users to the largest possible extent. An environment of coexisting study activities, culture, sports, leisure, healthy lifestyle, and interactive activities involving students and professors thus provides an incentive for intensive and quality study and preparation for work environment.


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