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Student families

The regular residents of ŠDL also include students, who are already parents and study full-time. These are two-parent or single-parent families. They are admitted to ŠDL under the same conditions as other students, except that they have slightly more living space available (a standard that also considers the needs of the child).

Families are organised in the Club of student families of Slovenia, where they prepare joint events and draw attention to the specifics of their position.

In 2010, many years of work with families,led to the fact that we are hosting a unit of Vič kindergartens in the premises of Dormitory 12 in Rožna dolina named 'Študentski domovi': a special family environment and a kindergarten in the immediate vicinity allow families to regularly attend lectures and other obligations at the faculty in the morning, while parents and neighbours in the dormitory help each other in the afternoon.

In the immediate vicinity of the family apartments, there is also a renovated children's playground.

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