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Study space


In order to provide favourable conditions for study ŠDL residents have 43 classrooms in 18 dormitories. You can get the keys to the classrooms from the receptionist in the on-duty lodge of the dormitory.

Silent dormitories

There are four silent dormitories available for residents, who want a particularly peaceful stay (Dormitory 2, Dormitory 5, Dormitory 6, and Dormitory 12). In a silent dormitory, parties are not allowed; only socializing is allowed under the special conditions regulated by the Dormitory rules.

The possibility of living in a silent dormitory is given to a resident who was never disciplined.

To stay in a silent dormitory, it is necessary  to fill out a request, which you submit to the Reception Office during office hours.

For additional questions regarding the stay in silent dormitories, it is possible to call the Reception Office during office hours.


Music room

Students of the Academy of Music and other music enthusiasts have free access to the music room in Dormitory 4 in Rožna dolina.

The use of the music room is allowed between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., according to pre-arranged schedules. The user picks up the music room key and returns it at the reception of the Institute, where he/she is entered in the diary of the use of the music room. The user is obliged to record in the logbook of the use of the music room any damage to the music room and equipment in the room, otherwise he is responsible for any damage.

The music room can only be used by the residents of the Institute who have signed an agreement with the Institute on the use of the music room. To sign the agreement, report to the Reception Office during office hours (Contacts and office hours).

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