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About the website

Website operator information

Študentski dom Ljubljana (abbreviated name: ŠDL)
Svetčeva ulica 9
1000 Ljubljana

Identity and contact details of the operator

Phone: 01 230 97 30
Fax: 01 242 1000

Contact details of the data protection officer:

Website visit

Every time you visit the ŠDL website, the log files of the web server are automatically stored on the web server (e.g. IP address – a number that identifies an individual computer or other devices on the web). The World Wide Web works by recording certain information about visits to websites, such as IP address, browser version, time of the visit and the like, on the web server hosting the website. ŠDL does not process the data collected in this way separately, and does not link it to other data.

The purposes for which personal data is processed and the legal basis for its processing
The purpose of these procedures is to ensure the security of the network and information, and to enable the detection and prevention of unauthorised access that could jeopardise the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of stored or transmitted personal data, and the security of related services accessible through these networks and systems.

Legal basis
Such processing is necessary for the performance of the operator’s tasks..

The data is stored on a web server in log files for 1 year.


Subscribe to e-news

When subscribing to online news, ŠDL processes your e-mail address in addition to your IP address, which you enter in the online form, and the date and time of registration.

The purposes for which personal data is processed and the legal basis for its processing
ŠDL processes the collected data for the purposes of the desired type of notification.

Legal basis
We process personal data (e-mail address) based on the individual's valid consent (Article 6 (a) of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection). By filing in the online newsletter subscription form, you indicate that you agree that ŠDL uses your e-mail address for the purposes of the desired type of notification, and that you are aware that you can unsubscribe from the notification system at any time.

The data is stored until you unsubscribe from the email notification service. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the highlighted link in the email you received. If you indicate that you agree with this, ŠDL will no longer send notifications to your e-mail address, nor will it collect or process your e-mail address. Namely, ŠDL uses the system of prior approval of use of an e-mail address (so-called opt-in), which means that it sends e-mails only to persons who explicitly agree to receive electronic notifications. This user data is stored in a database on the site's local server, and is not passed on to »third« parties.


ŠDL websites use cookies to provide an online service and functionality that it would not be able to provide without cookies.

Individual cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website and cannot be disabled.

Cookie ConsentSave the user's cookie settings.1 yearHTMLŠDL
isFirstVisitSave AI Cimer popup settings.6 monthsHTMLŠDL

To track online statistics and visitor activity on the site (first visit information, pageviews, browsing time, entry and exit points).

_gaThis randomly generated unique number is used to calculate data about visits to our site.2 yearsHTMLGoogle
_gatA cookie is used to limit the frequency of hits.1 minuteHTMLGoogle
_gidThis randomly generated unique number is used to calculate data about visits to our site.1 dayHTMLGoogle

Disclaimer statement regarding the chatbot

Our chatbot, powered by artificial intelligence, will provide general information and answers to questions related to residing in Študentski dom Ljubljana by utilizing knowledge acquired from our website.

Please note that the information provided by the chatbot is not intended as a substitute for official responses from Študentski dom Ljubljana.

Be aware that the chatbot is an automated system and may not always provide information that is one hundred percent accurate. While we strive to ensure accurate information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information conveyed by the chatbot.

By using our website and interacting with the chatbot, you agree to this disclaimer statement.

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