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Dormitory for postgraduate students

Dom podiplomcev (Dormitory for postgraduate students) is located in the wider Ljubljana centre at Gosarjeva ulica 9. Faculty of Administration, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences are located nearby. The dormitory is close to Dunajska cesta where there are a number of public transportation lines which take you pass the picturesque narrow city centre with a number of administration, education and cultural institutions in a diverse architectural environment to all parts of the city. Not far from the dormitory are vast green surfaces where you can walk or cycle to the Sava River which offers a refreshing cool especially in the summer. The vicinity of a sports hall and a football stadium enables you to relax while doing interesting sports and going to entertaining events.

There are 136 accommodation units in the dormitory which are intended for accommodation of third degree students, early stage researchers and scholarship holders.

We offer accommodation in nice studios with a mini kitchen with modern equipment, internet connection (wireless and cable) and a TV connection.

There is also a laundry room for washing of clothes, a club room and a fitness. Printers and internet connections are available in the info room.

In addition to this there are 35 apartments in Dom podiplomcev, are sized from 32m2 to 53m2,  intended for accommodation of other users – visiting researchers, visiting higher education professors and higher education co-workers as part of official exchanges. Each modern apartment has a mini kitchen, a living area and a bedroom.

We accommodate other users in the Dom podiplomcev based on concluded agreements with higher education institutions, ministry competent for science and higher education, the Slovenian Research Agency, research organizations and other state authorities.

The residents may also lease a parking space in the garage. A receptionist is present in the building at all times and the residents may always turn to the building manager when they need to. They can talk to the manager of the dormitory during office hours.


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