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Student Council of Residents

Residents are organised within the Student Council of Residents (ŠSS). It is a body of the Institute, consisting of representatives of the dormitories and their deputies, who participate in the work and development of the Institute. The president of the ŠSS, who is also one of the five members of the Council of the public institution Študentski dom Ljubljana, is responsible for representing the ŠSS.

The competences, organisation, elections and appointments, and operations of the ŠSS are determined by the  Act on the organisation of the Student Council of the residents of Študentski dom Ljubljana.

The president of the ŠSS, the representatives of the dormitories and their deputies are managed by the  Electoral Rules of the Student Council of the Residents of Študentski dom Ljubljana.

In addition, ŠSS also organises various cultural and sports events, among which stand out 'Majske igre' (a three-week festival with numerous concerts, cultural evenings, and sports competitions), 'Student Carnival' and 'St. Nicholas' Day'. ŠSS also publishes the magazine 'Na svoji zemlji'.

We suggest that you check in your dormitory, who the representative and his deputy are and ask them about events in the dormitory and the activities of the ŠSS.

You can find more about the operation and activities of ŠSS on their website.


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