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Student Forma Viva (2018)

On Thursday, 4 October 2018, the opening of two new statues and the final presentation of the project 'Student Forma Viva' took place in Študentski dom Ljubljana.

The opening and presentation were also attended by the director of the Institute, Tomaž Pečnik, who at the event received the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Assoc. prof. mag. Lucija Močnik Ramovš.

In his welcome address, the director said that he was very happy that the project 'Student Forma Viva' was implemented, the purpose of which was to re-present and revive inconspicuous and unknown works of art in the student campus in Rožna dolina, created by today's renowned artists, e.g. Jakov Brdar, Mile Jevtić, Nevenka Kraigher, Peter Mali, Dušan Marković, about whom we did not know much in the public Institute. Further, the director pointed out that the project, in addition to two new works of art, also provided valuable documentation on the history of the statues, authorship and an extensive inventory of the condition of the statues.

In cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Študentski dom Ljubljana carried out the project 'Student Forma Viva' within the tender Student Innovative Projects for Social Benefit (ŠIPK), in which eight students developed competencies and gained practical experience.

The purpose of the project was to revive the ‘Student Forma Viva’ in Ljubljana, within which five symposia were organised between 1971 and 1975, where selected students of the Slovenian and Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts created 26 sculptural works, 22 of which are exhibited in the student settlement Rožna dolina and 4 in Tacen.

In the project participated 8 students from different fields of study; conservation and restoration of works of art (2), graphic design (1), sculpture (2), art history (1) and pre-school education (2).

The project was led by a pedagogical mentor dr. Blaž Šemeta (UL ALUO). Uroš Stibilj and Igor Brlek participated on behalf of Študentski dom Ljubljana.

As a part of the project, Matic Ferlan, a student of art history at the University of Ljubljana, collected valuable data on the creation of sculptures and the course of the ‘Student Forma Viva’ in Ljubljana. Lara Skukan and Ana Sterle, students of conservation and restoration of works of art (UL ALUO), made a detailed inventory of the condition of all statues, and performed the cleaning of two statues. Maja Bojanic and Doroteja Erhatič, sculpture students (UL ALUO), symbolically revived Forma Viva with two new statues: 'Ostanek' and 'Koliko embalaže'. Pre-school students (UL PeF), Karin Gogala and Anita Perko, organised and conducted workshops in cooperation with the Ljubljana kindergarten. A graphic design student (UL ALUO), Sara Brezovšek, edited the collection, which is published in the attachment.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund.

Student forma viva collection 2018


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