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Release of anti-COVID measures in Študentski dom Ljubljana

Release of measures

Dear residents,

Today, the new Ordinance on Interim Measures for the Prevention and Control of Infections with the Infectious Disease COVID-19 entered into force to release the measures against COVID in the field of education.

In accordance with the new Ordinance on Interim Measures for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Infectious Diseases:

• in the branch of education, the assessment of compliance with the condition of Recovery, Vaccination and Test (RVT-”PCT”) is abandoned;

• the obligation of self-testing in schools and higher education institutions, both for employees as well as pupils and students, is eliminated.

Other preventive measures remain mandatory. The use of a protective mask is still mandatory in all ŠDL premises. In addition, the general instructions for the prevention of infection with COVID-19 (i.e. interpersonal distance, hand washing and disinfection, cough hygiene and intensive room ventilation, etc.) must be observed.

In case of symptoms of illness (fever and other symptoms associated with COVID-19), stay in the room and avoid contact with other people. Consult the health service by phone (selected doctor during regular working hours, Emergency Medical Aid of the Ljubljana Health Centre (01) 522 84 08 or emergency call 112) to receive further instructions. If you test positive at the rapid antigen test (“HAG”) or have been referred for PCR testing by your chosen or on-duty doctor, you are obliged to immediately inform the ŠDL administration on the telephone number (01) 242 1000.

Individuals are no longer required to be quarantined in the event of risky contact with a coronavirus-infected person; The authorities, however, recommend testing seven days after the last close contact with the infected person and avoiding unnecessary contact with others within 14 days of contact.

Due to the aforementioned change in regulations, we will review the Extraordinary Accommodation Instructions of Študentski dom Ljubljana for Prevention of Spread of COVID-19 and examine the possibility of adapting or eliminating them.

As usual, you will be informed about all news via the MojŠtudent application and on the institution's website.

Hope you’re staying safe and healthy,

ŠDL Management

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