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ŠDL pays a lot of attention to the sports activities of the residents and the sports infrastructure. Our goal is to increase the quality of life of our residents and help raise the sports culture. ŠDL residents have a lot of space for social sports, as well as areas for aerobic and strength training. They can also attend six well-equipped gyms. They can also participate in organised guided exercises under professional guidance.

The field of sports provides a wide variety of events. Throughout the academic year, we organise sports events (dancing, running, sports competitions, etc.) as well as lectures on sports (autogenic training, relaxation, athlete psychology, etc.).

For a healthy body, well-being and successful study DO SPORTS WITH ŠDL!

Do not forget to follow us on the Facebook page ŠDL ŠPORT as well.

For additional questions, we are always available by email and telephone (Contacts and office hours) or via the electronic form below.


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